Antiinfectant 10L

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Our bestseller in large format.

10 liters MediSeptic - The safest protection available today.

MediSeptic keeps viruses and bacteria away for a full 2 hours to 99.999% (Log5). It thus offers the safest protection against contagious diseases and germs that is available today.

Protection in public when grabbing handrails in buses and trains, on toilets, door latches, shopping carts, ATMs, etc.

- Natural ingredients
- Skin-friendly and alcohol-free
- Not a hazardous substance in the sense of the CLP-VO
- Not toxic
- Without surfactants and aldehydes
- Non-flammable

BAuA: N-88733
BAG no .: CHZN6055
EN 1500, EN13727, EN 13624, EN 14476
FDA number: 71315-800
Item number: MS-10